You’re a Yoga Teacher 
 Or A Studio Owner...
and the health of your business depends on getting new students in the door. It’s not enough to be great at what you do…you need students.
And not just any students, the right students. The ones who are thrilled to work with you. Who understand that you’re unique and different. Who show up coachable, decisive, and resourceful. Who do the work, get the results, and make you look like a rock star.

Without a steady flow of the perfect students, your yoga business is in trouble.
We can help.
Most client attraction strategies being taught today just plain don’t work. Facebook fan pages. Instagram. Blogging. Podcasting. Grinding out articles and videos. All that stuff.
These are fine for building an audience, but they’re hopeless when it comes to enrolling new students. The fact is there’s a huge difference between growing your audience, and growing your TRIBE.
Grow Yoga Biz is different.
We teach our students cutting-edge marketing techniques that really work…and we give you the technical support AND the mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your yoga business.

Our process just works.

Welcome to our site. Have a look at our About page. Click on our Results page and meet some of the people we’ve worked with.

And when you’re ready, click below to watch a complimentary training about the exact process we use to help yoga teachers and studio owners pack out their classes, workshops, and retreats while becoming sustainable and thriving financially… and without working day and night!
Welcome to Grow Yoga Biz,
Ryan Rockwell
Success is hard. We coached every one of our clients through fear, overwhelm, and challenges to find success. Your business is different, therefore your results will be different. If you are looking for “get rich quick” or “get rich easy” look elsewhere.